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Creating the perfect adventure for visitors to the North East.

Funded by the North of Tyne Combined Authority and supported by Destination North East England our New Adventures platform brings together new and existing adventures and experiences in the North East. Visitors to our region can book a range of activities all in one place, allowing them to plan with ease and truly enjoy the best our region has to offer.

From active, foodie and winter escape ideas, New Adventures is all about adding elements together to create the perfect adventure.

This helps to create novel, authentic visitor experiences that reflect the richness and uniqueness that our region has to offer.

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Promote your bookable products online.

New Adventures give business the opportunity to promote their bookable products online. The aim is to attract new audiences to a range of activities, experiences, and services by increasing the levels of ‘bookable products’ available.

Products are promoted under the following themes on

  • Active pursuits
  • Food and drink
  • Stunning escapes

Using TXGB booking software, adopted by VisitBritain, products are presented and bookable on our NewAdventures website and we have campaigns running throughout the year that your products could be featured in free of charge.

Partners are supported to integrate the required booking software on to their own systems or to run alongside existing systems. Our aim is to create experiences that tell the story of the people and place, giving visitors memorable travel adventures revealed over time that are inherently personal, engage the senses and make connections on an emotional level.

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Why be part of New Adventures?

  • Provides a new route to market and the ability to offer bookable product through our visitor-facing bespoke campaign microsite New Adventures
  • Allows access to the bespoke [TXGB] online booking platform providing a slick user-experience.
  • It’s easy to use and an innovative tech solution to providing a joined-up, integrated ‘search and book’ experience for consumers.
  • A supporting ‘digital-first’ marketing campaign runs across multiple channels, targeting audiences within a three-hour drive band, driving traffic to the New Adventures platform.
  • Provides access to an entirely new marketplace to showcase a range of experiences.
  • Huge potential to increase reach and boost profile for products and services.
  • Success has meaned that this has now been rolled out across the whole region, reaching more areas, targeting new markets in line with our product development strategy that will help to attract more national and international visitors to our region.

New audiences and markets

New Adventures has created an entirely new marketplace, increasing awareness of leisure experience brands in North East England reaching 16.9m people to date. It also opened the door for some New Adventures products to be featured in national campaigns run by Visit Britain, increasing their reach exponentially via the TXGB sales channel.

This website and supporting campaign provides a new route to market for businesses, putting them in front of new audiences and developing new partnerships and collaborations.

Developing new product and in particular bookable product allows us to highlight the offer of the region and addresses the challenge of committing consumers to booking, consumers who have booked in advance are significantly more likely to take their trip compared to those who make last minute decisions.

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Sign up to TXGB

To promote new products and experiences through New Adventures businesses must sign up to TXGB. Once you are on board with TXGB , we will then ask you to send copy and images of your product(s) to

Help us to promote New Adventures

Even if you don’t have a bookable product listed on New Adventures you can still play a vital role in supporting the campaign and reinforcing positive perceptions of our amazing region.

By boosting our regional economy and profile, New Adventures’ success will benefit us all.

An easy one-stop-shop to find and book outdoor and sporty pursuits, seasonal attractions, and great places to eat and stay.

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We understand the pivotal role that digital marketing plays in today's business landscape. Joining New Adventures and being part of the campaign has proven to be a game-changer for us, significantly broadening our reach to a diverse and engaged audience. “The platform seamlessly facilitates businesses in showcasing their bookable products and events, resulting in a tangible impact on both visibility and sales. The added benefit of increased ticket sales, particularly for our events and history tours, has made a noticeable difference to our bottom line.
Setting up bookable products on the TXGB platform is very simple, thanks to its easy and uncomplicated process. The New Adventures website has enabled our restaurant to reach a broader audience. Being featured alongside other bookable activities gives potential customers the freedom to create their own itinerary. This exposure has significantly contributed to an uptick in lunch bookings, especially during midweek periods, ultimately boosting our sales.” I highly recommend fellow businesses to join the New Adventures campaign. This collaboration has not only enhanced our customer engagement but has also proven to be a valuable tool for driving bookings. The increased visibility and accessibility provided by the platform are instrumental in attracting patrons who actively seek unique and memorable experiences.
Dobson & Parnell

Download the New Adventures toolkit

Access the resources you need to bring new bookable products to a wealth of audiences in and outside the region. Download the toolkit here.
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