Regenerative Tourism

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The future is sustainable and regenerative.

We are committed to working with industry to make tourism work for both people and the planet – a force for good in our communities.

Regenerative tourism actions and interventions support our industry to make our destination more accessible, inclusive and sustainable.

Regenerative tourism ensures tourism is sustainable, driving value for local people and places as well as the tourist.

Regenerative Tourism

A Regenerative Tourism Framework

Working closely with the Global Destination Sustainability Movement and in partnership with industry we will co-create a Regenerative Tourism Framework, aligning this activity across all seven local authorities and to support Net Zero targets and inclusive economy goals. The GDS-Movement unites and enables destinations to create thriving and resilient places to visit, meet, and live.

Residents, decision makers, influencers and industry will all be part of a task force that will co-create sustainable and circular strategies, mindsets, and skill sets that enable destinations and communities to thrive and regenerate.


Creating an inclusive welcome for all

We are committed to supporting businesses to create accessible and inclusive experiences for all. As part of our Destination Development Partnership pilot, we are developing a regional EDI Strategy that will support us on our journey to becoming a truly inclusive visitor destination.

Together we can create a place where everyone is welcome regardless of disability, age, gender, sexual orientation or race.

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