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BuySupply, connects buyers and suppliers in tourism

BuySupply is designed to enable suppliers to showcase their products and services and buyers publish opportunities and connect to relevant suppliers. More than 300 businesses in the hospitality and food and drink sector have signed up to the portal.

It is a B2B supply chain platform that helps businesses in tourism, food and drink and hospitality to come together and explore commercial relationships and attract high quality local suppliers.

This platform has been developed to enable local connections, with a focus on supply chains, locally soured products and collaborative working. BuySupply Platform aims to create an ecosystem where we build a more competitive marketplace by highlighting smaller organisations within our supply chain. Buyers are vetted and curated so that the profile of these buyers meet the needs of the network that has been built through the platform.

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Bringing value by creating opportunities for suppliers to work together

BuySupply brings real value by creating opportunities for suppliers to work together. For example, two suppliers can be facilitated to come together to fulfil an order for a hotel and ensure that supply chains remain local, as opposed to being awarded to a national distributor.

While it's not possible to be 100% local and some products will still need to come from outside of the region, it is important to start the journey towards localisation and contributing to a more regenerative and sustainable destination of the future.

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Creating a sustainable tourism sector is central to the work we are doing as part of our 10-year plan for the visitor economy. By developing local connections and encouraging buyers to take advantage of what is on their doorstep, we can reduce energy costs and carbon footprint, as well as bring income into our region’s visitor economy.
Ian Thomas, Director of Visitor Economy

Podcast: Championing Local Supply Chains

Listen to our Podcast, explaining how championing local supply chains can benefit the tourism sector.

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BuySupply is a B2B supply chain platform that helps businesses in the tourism, food, drink and hospitality sectors to come together and explore commercial relationships.
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