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Help us to capture tourism data and measure performance

T-Stats is an online performance monitoring tool designed and developed for the tourism industry, capturing, storing and analysing tourism data to measure the performance of our local tourism industry.

To represent the industry at a local, national and international level and lobby on its behalf, we need to understand what is happening in our destination and we do this through T-Stats.

This system allows us to input occupancy data, visits to attractions, retail footfall, airport arrivals and more.

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The benefits of sharing your data

All tourism businesses are invited to share their data, and this is FREE to all businesses operating under the geography of Destination North East England.

By supporting us and sharing your data you will have the ability to:

  • Monitor your own data and performance
  • Benchmark your business and visualise data in real-time.
  • Access to visitor profiles.
  • Access to wider data such as unemployment, exchange rates, fuel and energy prices
  • Export data for your own reports.
  • Tell a more in-depth story to decision-makers.

A wide range of businesses are already using the system but the more businesses that take part the greater the benefit to all.

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Share your data and access insight through T-Stats. *Depending upon the nature of your business and use of the system some charges may apply.
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