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Latest STEAM (Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor) figures for 2022 show that the visitor economy in the North East of England is worth £5.4bn. This is the first time it has exceeded £5bn since 2019.

Like many other destination organisations and local authorities, Destination North East England uses the STEAM impact modelling process to measure the impact and value of tourism in the region by using local supply and visitor data from a variety of sources. A report is published and shared on an annual basis, providing insight to industry and to identify trends and areas of support and growth.

Tourism is the fourth largest sector in the North East and is England’s third largest employer. The sector supports more than 58,000 jobs, with 14,000 more people being employed in the sector between 2021/22. Tourism recovery from the pandemic has bounced back more quickly than expected, with a 37% increase in economic impact since 2021. However, this is still down by 6% on pre-pandemic levels when factoring in inflation.

STEAM figures and commentary for 2022

The acceleration of tourism recovery and what these figures mean for the future growth of our visitor economy.
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